Reusable Foundations
After Petite Maison will be dismantled and its elements have found their second use, Place de l’Université will be readapted to its original state. As the project will have a physical lifespan of only 1 year, the processes performed for the site preparation must be totally reversible and require as less effort as possible.
Therefore, the foundation system is a punctual arrangement of prefab reinforced-concrete bases placed in the existing groundwork by removing the existing bricks and the stone layers. These foundations will fix mechanically the steel columns as they are planned to be removed and reused after 2022.
There are 2 types of foundations different in size:
            On the Axis A and E: Single foundations 125/125/50 cm
            On the Axes B, C, D: Single foundations 160/190/50 cm
*Foundation Detail
*Foundation Plans - DESA
Update on Steel Structure
As we aim to reduce the quantity of steel used, there are no columns on the Axis 2 as HEB 320 beams will span over 8 meters between the Axis 1 and Axis 2. Another benefit of removing the above-mentioned columns, resides in the fact that no foundations are needed for the middle part of the building, which by consequence, will keep the construction works in safe distance from the underground public networks of water, electricity and canalisation.
The bracings will be present on the short façades of Petite Maison, along the Axis 1 and Axis 5, these elements are L 80x6 profiles.
*Axonometric view of the foundations and the steel structure
​​​​​​​Concrete Slabs
The slabs are prefabricated concrete slabs of 5.4/1.35 m with a 22cm height. This dimension has been defined as an optimal module that will facilitate the transportation, building process and the reusability.
*Axonometric view of the foundations, the steel structure and slabs
Update on the roof’s wooden structure
The roof will have a slope of 2% (1 degree), therefore, its wooden structure has been slightly upgraded. The posts that will support the wooden beams will have three different heights.
The wooden beams will have a profile of 24x8 cm and will span in both OX and OY directions.
*A specific connection for the wooden beam is still to be defined together with Desa and Prefalux.
All the best,
Carole, Dragos, Christoph, Andras, Sasha, José Gomes, Laurent Nilles and Manfred Thielen,