University of Luxembourg – Master in architecture, under the guidance of guest-professor Carole Schmit and research & development specialist Dragos Ghioca, contributes to the event ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2022, with a small house on the Belval campus, by curating a collaborative design. The structure bases on developments of Prof. Christoph Odenbreit of the ArcelorMittal Chair of Steel Construction at the University of Luxembourg. PETITE MAISON will serve, above all, as a LIVING and MEETING POINT engaged into a network with other participants thematizing CIRCULARITY. The house is small (+-100m2), designed and produced by architects and engineers at in cooperation with a series of local and international partners and experts. Advocating collective intelligence, the aim is to set in motion a design apparatus that runs by shuffling the knowledge of various professionals from the local scene. The focus is equally set on the research, process and the final outcome. We will document and periodically publish the development of PETITE MAISON. The STORYLINE section of this website contains the different steps of design and building process. It is a commitment to transparency open to public.