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We developed an appropriate model for a plant nursery. AGORA, one of the institutional partners of PETITE MAISON, is willing to temporarily lend a certain number of young trees to be planted in one of its future projects. In this manner, we will enrich the existing vegetation on the public square in front of Petite Maison during the event in 2022.
In the current state of project development, the plant nursery of Petite Maison will accumulate around 100 large trees and around 100 resistant trees of different species proposed by the team of Mersch Ingénieurs-paysagistes and based on Agora's needs.
Details such as maintenance issues are In progress.

The number of trees is split as following:
51 Arbres haute tige Agora: + tuterage
9 Acer buergerianum (h:350/550cm)
10 Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skyline' (h:450/650cm)
15 Quercus acutissima (h:450/650cm)
6 Robinia pseudoacacia 'Appalachia' (h:350/450cm)
5 Carpinus betulus (h:450/650cm)
6 Pinus nigra (h:450/650cm)
51 Arbres multitroncs Agora
12 Acer buergerianum (h:400/450cm)
12 Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skyline' (h:450/500cm)
6 Betula albosinensis 'Fascination' (h:300/350cm)
7 Pinus sylvestris 'Norska' (500/600cm)

100 trees resistant to climate change:
10 Sorbus aria
10 Sorbus torminalis
10 Prunus avium
10 Acer campestre
10 Acer platanoides
10 Pyrus communis
10 Pyrus salicifolia Pall.
10 Pinus sylvestris
10 Tilia cordata
10 Celtis occidentalis
7 Nothofagus antarctica (h:300/350cm)

Selection of tree types
Cluster typologies
View onto the future garden in front of Petite Maison

All the best,
Carole, Dragos, Carlo and Margot