In the summer of 2019, the first brief of PETITE MAISON is presented to the board of Esch22 and to possible partners.
PETITE MAISON, referring to the University’s different maisons, claims the act of building a small house at human scale. Although, the choice of site, located between a 14 000 m2 open parking and the forecourt of the 84 m tall and 180 m long MAISON DU SAVOIR, intenteds to manifest for the transformation of the residual spaces into a temporary use during Esch 2022.
The university campus is a territory in charge of its industrial history and, more recently, of its academic activities being an integral part of the southern region of the country. Therefore, it is important for the university to showcase its PIONEERING and WELCOMING SPIRIT on shaping communities that nourish it.
PETITE MAISON will be DECONSTRUCTED before the end of 2022. The different parts will be moved for REUSE, or even REASSEMBLED in whole or partially. It is planned to work as much as possible with RECOVERED materials, SECOND-HAND materials, RECYCLED or RENEWABLE materials and RAW materials with high POTENTIAL for REUSE.
Beyond the history of materials, the project will also serve as a storyteller for ideas meant to reinforce the theme of a RESILIENT ARCHITECTURE and LIVING CULTURE in current days.
The project is testing ways of co-producing an innovative building, by curating a HETEROGENEOUS COMMUNITY, composed by researches, professional planners and craftsmen, developing both collaborative methods and technological principles.