January – MAY 21 Preliminary Design
Gathering of research data
Creating collective of partners of preliminary design

JUNE 21 - OCT 21 Final design
Advanced design
Project Implantation according to the site requirements
Creating partnerships

NOV. 21 - Dec. 21 EXEcution phase
Final Design
Execution documents
Request for the building permit

Jan. 22 – MARCH 22 Planning Construction 
Workshop drawings
Inventory of the building materials
Order of the Building materials

March 22 - July 22 Construction period
Monitoring and documenting the building process
Site visits (access under guidance)
Preparing deconstruction

Sep 22 - nov 22 Operation period
Small snacks and drinks by Restopolis 
Preparing relocation of building materials

Nov. 22 -Dec. 22 Deconstruction End of the project
Deconstruction phase
Relocation of the building materials