January - March 21 Preliminary Design
Gathering of research data
Development of preliminary design
Presentation to all the partners of the project at the end of March

April 21 - July 21 Final design
Final Design and request for permits
Execution documents
Intermediate Report E22

Sep. 21 - Dec. 21 Prototypes and tests
Detailed programming for the occupation during the months of operation
Schedules and confirmed participation to events
Search for participants (students, foreign partners, others…)

Jan. 22 - April 22 Construction period
Monitoring and documenting the building process
Site visits (access under guidance)
Friday’s 25.02, 25.03, 29.04 
Management and operation (staff, logistics…)

May 22 Documentation review
Obtaining the building certificates
Opening on Friday 27th of May 2022

June 22 - August 22 Operation period
Second-hand building materials open market in July 2022 on the forecourt
Guided tours of the house (in June and July) on request
Evenings of formal + informal exchange (with partners and others)
Preparing deconstruction

Sep. 22 - Oct. 22 Deconstruction
Relocation of the different parts or of the whole                                                                
Hand-over event

Nov. 22 - Dec. 22 End of the project
Final inventory of materials and products
Final statement of costs, fees, services
Final report E22