Our first design intentions were meant to compile together different shapes imbedded in the collective perception as forms of houses. At the interior, a sequence of varied spaces, lights and atmospheres are generated only by differing the slope of the roofs.
 It was also intended to generate the dialog with the structural team, in order to understand how flexible and adaptable the “REDUCE connection “are.
OBS: REDUCE Connection
The project REDUCE developed by the Engineering Department at the University of Luxembourg, under the coordination of Prof. Christoph Odenbreit, ArcelorMittal Chair of Steel Construction, tackles the possibility of reusing steel beams regardless their dimension, by creating a connection that provides size adaptability at different structural grids.
- A generic module of 1,35m has be adopted for the structural grid of REDUCE, this dimension was chosen considering the most common dimensions of grids for the office buildings in neighbouring countries. 
- REDUCE connections can be attached to both wooden and steel beams.
The 2nd ROOF
- This spatial configuration, although attractive and generous, might generate extra costs and design difficulties for a project with a limited budget like a house. 
- While protecting the assemble from rainfall and sun heat, the second roofing system might offer a higher degree of flexibility of spaces or shapes and help at collecting for reuse the rainwater.
The Belval Campus, still in the construction process, is in the need for a public space filled with nature well students and members of the community can gather. Place de l’Université, located between Petite Maison and Maison du Savoir seems to be the most suitable location to organize such a space that should become a public garden.
As Petite Maison is an ephemeral project that will happen during the cultural year, all the other interventions are to be present only for a limited period of time.
   "Pépiniere (FR) /Plant Nursery (EN) – is a place where the trees are cultivated and grown until they reach the condition to be planted."
In order to organize a Plant Nursery a little infrastructure is needed to be provided:
  1. A skeleton: a light wooden structure that will hold still the trees while growing.
  2. A plinth filled with earth, meant to provide the water needed to the pots from above.
Exemple à Nantes